Benefits of Email Automation

As technology advances, businesses are looking for new ways to simplify some of their processes. One of the biggest ways to do so is through automation. Whether it’s scheduling a post on a website or via social media, having an automation plan allows companies to focus more time on other areas of their business. E-mail automation works the same way. It’s using specific software, such as MailChimp or Hubspot, to send targeted emails at specific times to your clients. Using this technology offers numerous benefits for businesses. Here is a look at some of them.

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Increased Personalization

When it comes to customers, they love personalized content. The numbers back this up; studies have shown that 90% of consumers find this content appealing, with 91% likely to use businesses that provide individualized offers. This makes personalization a key step in reaching new customers. Doing this is a relatively easy task. Many automation platforms have fields like first name and company name that pull data from your e-mail list. Personalized emails have a higher open rate compared to messages without personalization, meaning customers pay attention when you tailor your content specifically to them.

Avoid Too Many Emails

Customers love getting emails with special offers. The problem is receiving too many of them can turn them off from wanting to do business with you. Automation can help prevent an overflow of correspondence to a customer’s inbox. Organizations have the ability to segment emails based on specific fields, such as demographics, purchase history, or location. They can also craft multiple messages based on these fields.

Higher Customer Retention

Once you attract customers to your brand, you want to do what you can to keep them wanting to purchase from you. Automated emails can be a great tool in retaining clients. When scheduling an e-mail, you want to do so where it’s not a long period since a customer has heard from you. In addition, adjust the copy based on specific offers or new products, which will have more of an impact than simply asking them to visit you.

More Time For Your Business

Businesses have a lot on their plates, and dedicating time specifically to reaching out to new customers may not be an option. With automation, there’s less time spent on creating email lists and messages, giving employees more time to do in-depth building of customer relations. This leads to higher productivity for your business.

Better Revenue

Perhaps the biggest benefit of automation is that it can be a major revenue booster for businesses. When a user does a specific action on your website, such as downloading a brochure or subscribing to a newsletter, you can send transactional emails to them. These emails will normally include instructions, but can be modified to include special deals for customers to take advantage of. Companies can also use their existing customer base as a way to drive revenue, though re-engagement campaigns or personalized offers.

Automation offers multiple benefits for businesses that are looking to interact with their customers but without having to spend a lot of time creating messaging. Working with the right software will make sending emails to potential clients an easy process, and will make them want to come back to you for your services.

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