Are Video Emails The Future Of Prospecting?

It is widely believed that prospects do not like prospecting. Who can blame them? Most people require a perfect enough reason to engage with marketing content. It is not every day that you stumble upon the ideal prospecting strategy that will derive a response.

Surveys have shown that a higher percentage of salespeople struggle to get a conversation going with prospects. There is less than a 1% response rate from average marketing campaigns done through emails.

This alone shows that as time goes by, prospecting is only bound to get harder. Sales representatives are always looking for ways to grab the attention of their audiences and get them to respond. That is where videos come in.

Videos and Emails

The future of sales is looking at the people you want to engage with, juggling ideas and angles you think will keep them entertained enough to give you a response, then executing on them. And there is no more exceptional form of entertainment during these times than videos.

What do videos have that simple articles and links do not have? A likeability that draws the attention of audiences. Studies have shown that 78% of people online watch at least one video every week.

Moreover, people are more likely to remember details from a video than from an article because of the visuals. By using videos in prospecting emails, you increase the chances of your audience engaging with you and even giving a response. You also double your chances of being remembered.


Why Video Emails In Prospecting?

Video email prospecting has its advantages beyond increasing the likelihood of getting a response. It suits all businesses in terms of size, products, and services. It is an excellent opportunity since 80% of all online content is going to be video-based in the near future.

Prospecting is the most essential part of a customer’s journey because they are deciding whether to work with you. By using video emails that mention your company name, product, service, or even location, you will be increasing your chances of being remembered.

Video email prospecting is also a great way to make a first impression. It takes just three seconds for someone to make a judgment about you. If your prospecting email is dull and blends in with the other texts, it will give the impression that you do not really care about your prospects.

Going the extra mile with a video indicates that you would go the extra mile for your prospects should they choose to engage with you. It makes you more likable.

Is It The Future?

We live in a digital age with access to a lot of content. For companies engaging with prospects, this means that you have a small chance to make a great impression. Everyone has an email, and you will not be the only one trying to get a user's attention.

Video emails make more significant impressions and are more likely to trigger responses from users. As mentioned before, 80% of all content online will be in video format; this includes prospecting emails. This means that people who do not watch videos online are eventually going to. Therefore on paper, it is safe to say that video emails are the future of prospecting.

Prospecting with Precision

Video emails are just one of the many marketing and sales tools that we'd love to introduce to you and your team. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help improve lead generation and client acquisition for your business.

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