January 7, 2020

Company logos come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. If you’re on a budget, project-based sites like Fiverr or Upwork seem like a great deal. But if you truly want to develop your brand identity, working with a professional is the only option. Here’s why:

1) Time Investment

The amount of money you pay for a project is a good indicator of how much time the designer will spend on it. If the commission fee is less than $20, most designers can’t afford to spend more than 15-20 minutes crafting the design.

A classic art example by Jim Black shows that the quality of a project skyrockets in proportion to the time invested. Don’t hire a freelancer who’s in a rush, or you might receive a rushed logo in return.


2) Original Artwork

Designers who are strapped for time tend to use stock photos as the basis for their projects. If you’re lucky, they’ll search through the archives to find something unique. If you’re unlucky, your new logo will be based off of the first available stock photo on Google images.

Either way, using a stock photo for your logo isn’t just bad design philosophy - it might be a violation of the distributor’s terms of service. In a year or two, you could find yourself stuck with a copyright claim that impacts your company’s entire identity.


3) Designer Attention

When you pay for a professional designer, you also pay for their complete attention on your project. They’ll have time to review the project briefing, ask questions, and spend a day or two coming up with a logo that perfectly communicates your brand.

Having your designers attention means that you can ask for revisions, but the truth of working with a professional is that you’ll need revisions less often than you think. Talented designers know how to turn a client’s vision into reality; when you finally see that logo, you’ll instantly recognize it as yours.


4) Brand Consistency

A consistent and easily-recognized brand is built over time. One of the easiest ways to develop consistency is to work with the same professional on multiple projects. Your audience will start to recognize the designer’s influence and come to associate their unique style with your brand.

When you have a great relationship with a designer, this kind of consistency is simply part of the package. But if you buy your logo, your website, and your business cards from random freelancers, the jarring visuals and design variations might accidentally become the new “consistent” elements of your brand.



Creative Attention for Your Brand

A logo isn’t just an image; it’s an identity. Reach out to the design team at Precision Creative to give your brand the time, attention, and professional edge that it deserves.

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