June 12, 2020

If you’re new to the world of online marketing, you might feel like the industry is a little hard to understand. We’re here to help you jump right in with these answers to  some of the marketing questions that we come across on a regular basis.

Can I Start Advertising Without a Brand?

As is the eventual fate of all marketing terms, “branding” has become so much of a buzzword that it’s started to lose meaning. In the interest of saving budget and generating leads as soon as possible, many companies are starting to wonder if they truly need a branding package before they place that first online ad.

The truth is that your brand is composed of every action your company takes. If you have a business name, you have a brand - and that means you need to make sure your brand is properly presented. That’s why it’s smart to have your marketing agency create a branding guide to keep your efforts headed in the right direction.


Do I Really Need a Social Media Presence?

In the digital world of 2020, having a social media presence is possibly more important than having a physical location. Your customers are looking for you online. Although they might visit your website to learn about your services and browse through your products, they’ll probably prefer to communicate with you over their favorite social media platform.

Your company’s social media accounts are part of your brand, and they deserve to be treated with care and attention. A marketing agency can help make sure you have the best graphics, profile text, and content strategy for your future social media campaign.


How Important Is Modern SEO?

The field of search engine optimization has developed in lockstep with the internet. Although you may have once been able to publish a website without hiring an SEO professional, this is simply no longer the case. Your SEO team will make sure that your site is structured and indexed properly; without their work, neither search engines nor users will find you in the results.

Modern SEO tactics are also an important part of an effective inbound marketing strategy. SEO gets your content in front of the right audience and directs that traffic back to your site. No matter what kind of business you run or what your marketing goals are, you simply can’t get by without a great SEO team.


How Do I Know That My Efforts Are Working?

There’s one timeless truth of advertising, and it’s that budget will get you nowhere without a strategy. Marketing campaigns are usually created with a specific and measurable goal in mind. If you know what metric you’re trying to increase, you can track it to determine the success of your campaign. You know your marketing is working if:

  • You’re seeing more traffic on your site. Site traffic is easy to measure and is typically correlated to the success of your marketing efforts. Don’t forget to check where the traffic is coming from and which demographics those visitors belong to.
  • Your followers are engaging on social media. Engagement on social media translates to a positive community perception of your brand. The more likes, shares, and follows you get, the more people are invested in your company’s message.
  • Your conversion rate has increased. Your conversion rate is the number of site visitors who complete a predetermined goal. Whether it’s filling out a contact form or buying a specific product, you can use conversion rate to see if your campaign is working from start to finish.
  • You’re getting the leads you’re looking for. A truly successful marketing campaign is one that brings your company enough business. If you see a steady increase in leads and sales, your marketing campaign has likely had the desired effect.



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