4 Easy and Exciting Social Media Ideas

Creating an interesting and dynamic social media account isn’t as easy as it seems. If your story is starting to look like your blog’s RSS feed, you might be ready for a change. Reinvigorate your social media strategy with these four simple ideas.

1. Design Quote Art

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook audiences all seem to love visual content. But unless you have a staff photographer, coming up with new graphics can be a daunting challenge.

To spice up your feed, try turning your best text posts into stunning images. Keep it simple with bold white text on a colored or gradient background. Find an app that does this for you, or ask your designer to make you a branded template. You can also place text over stock photos, quick sketches, or anything else that comes to mind.

Where does the text come from? Mine your blog posts for quotable moments. One piece of pillar content can generate multiple quotes, and this strategy gives you a great excuse to link back to your website.


2. Run a Poll

Audiences engage well with interactive content; this is probably because the content gives them something to interact with. For a quick and easy way to engage with your audience, try setting up a simple social media poll.

Polls don’t need to be complicated. If you’re not trying to gather data, they don’t even need to be particularly meaningful. Come up with a series of fun and easy questions related to your brand. If you’re a designer, ask people what their favorite fonts are. If you run an eCommerce store, ask your audience to weigh in on a few of your most popular products.

Writing good polls takes practice, so don’t be discouraged if your first few attempts are lacking in responses. Keep trying, and remember to write copy that’s short, simple, and fun.

3. Pull Out the Camera

If you’re struggling to relate to your customers, it might be because your company doesn’t have a recognizable face. Luckily, you can fix this problem with a good cell phone camera and a few photogenic members of your staff.

Employee photos offer a great chance to recognize the people who have turned your business into a success. You should also mix things up with photos taken around the office or in your local community. Remember to keep everything on-brand; you’re looking for the perfect mix of casual and professional.

If you really want your feed to sing, brush up on your photography skills. Instead of using filters, hand your best photos over to your graphic designer for a quick touch-up.

4. Highlight Great Media

You can only generate so many articles for your content marketing strategy. The secret of active social media accounts is that they often share more content than they create.

Content curation is an artform. Before you hit “share,” make sure that the content accurately represents your brand identity. You may also want to include a line or two of text that explains why the media was worth sharing with your audience.

To find content, follow the most successful social media accounts in your industry. Try to share a healthy mix of video tutorials, engaging articles, and informative graphics. Depending on your brand, you might also be able to share music or art; just make sure to include proper creator attribution.

Take Your Social Media to the Next Level

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