March 6, 2020

Whether they originated in a movie or a misinformed marketer, the same myths always seem to be bouncing around the advertising sphere. Dispel the confusion so you know what to expect from your next marketing campaign.

1. Content Equals Traffic

Modern marketing often relies on great content to drive more traffic to your site. But even if you write an amazing blog or eBook, there’s no guarantee that the right people will see it.

The job of an inbound marketer is to get your content the attention it deserves. From search engine optimization to social media campaigns, a great inbound marketing team can breathe life into your content strategy and turn your best articles into magnets for digital traffic.


2. Traffic Equals Sales

If your SEO team does their job, your site analytics will soon be full of visitors from around the web. However, getting the customer in the door is only half the battle; if you want to make a profit, you still need to close the sale.

Conversion optimization is the process of turning interested visitors into valuable clients. Smooth navigation, targeted landing pages, and compelling value statements all help convince the client to choose your services over a competitor.

3. Any Ad Will Work for Any Company

The digital sphere is clouded with advertisements from every business under the sun. If you want to stand out, you need a marketing campaign that’s perfectly tailored to your company and your clients.

Modern marketing campaigns always start with branding. Once you’ve solidified your identity and your message, your marketing team will get you in front of an audience that’s already looking for your services.

4. Marketing Campaigns Work Right Away

When you pay for an advertising campaign, it’s normal to be excited about the results. But camping out on your analytics page might not reveal anything for weeks or even months. Does this mean your campaign was a bust?

The truth is that inbound marketing takes time. The early stages of your campaign will help you establish an online presence and build enough clout to rank in search results. During this time, your audience is becoming familiar with your brand identity. Keep at it, and your campaign will soon show excellent results.



Not a Myth: Marketing Can Be Easy

Marketing campaigns take work, but they’re easier to implement than you might think. Get in touch with the team at Precision Creative to discuss the next great strategy for your business.

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