December 18, 2019

Between platforms and plugins, there are more great features for your eCommerce site than ever before. Whether you’re selling from an extensive catalog or curating an exclusive selection, try adding these features to create an amazing customer experience.

A Streamlined Checkout Process

The most important feature of a great eCommerce site is the checkout experience. If customers can’t make it through the checkout, they won’t complete their purchase. Prioritize a user-friendly interface with smooth functionality that works correctly every time.

As you’re building your checkout process, think about how your customers will progress through the transaction. It should be easy to edit the cart, update shipping preferences, and add coupons or promotions. Don’t forget to extensively test the payment screen; small bugs here will result in lost sales.

PrecisionBlog-EcommerceFeaturesA Functional and Organized Catalog

Is it easy to find the items on your site? Every excellent eCommerce build has an extensive sorting system. Customers should be able to search for items by name, click through categories, and sort by features like price, size, or color.

One often-forgotten feature is the option to view similar items. “Similar” can either mean of the same product category or by the same manufacturer. Display similar items next to the original to encourage product comparisons and further shopping.


User Personalization and Engagement

The features that can really drive an eCommerce site to success are all related to the user experience. Fans of your products want to be able to engage with the site and make it their own.

Start by letting users create individual accounts. This will allow them to save payment information, return to their shopping cart, and access previous orders.

Once you’ve implemented user accounts, you gain access to a variety of features that promote engagement. Try adding wish lists and favorite items so that customers can pre-shop now and buy later on. You can also promote your best items and gain valuable business rapport by adding a user review system.



Create an Exceptional eCommerce Site

The best eCommerce sites include all of these features and more. Precision Creative can help you create a feature-rich eCommerce site with a flawless user experience. Contact us to get started.

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