July 13, 2020

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that has become significant to all marketers. This strategy drives prospects to the desired website rather than advertising products and services outwardly.

The idea here is that you will be bringing potential customers to your website to familiarize them with your brand and products. This strategy goes a long way in making a good impression which will elevate the chances of prospects purchasing from you when they decided to buy. 

Inbound marketing has the advantage of creating trust with prospects. High-quality leads that seem actively interested in your products and services are sure to keep you in mind when they want to purchase a product. Once you are in their subconscious, the chances are that they will buy from you. 

There are many inbound marketing features that marketers should incorporate in websites. These features help the process and can eventually lead to purchase. However, if you had to choose just three key features, they would have to be personalization, relevant content, and lead capture.





Everyone who shops online is not looking for generic features in the product or service. Instead, they want to know that the product or service will benefit them specifically. Personalized web design presents features that individual prospects will find compelling. 

Personalized website features help to shorten the buying cycle. They allow individual prospects to immediately visualize how they will use the product or service for their needs. They will not have to track down the relevant information because they are instead gently guided toward the purchase based on their individual needs.

One great example of personalization would be changing what content offer appears on your homepage based on what lifecycle stage the user is categorized as. 


Relevant Content

A website should always be full of content that is continuously updated, edited, and added. However, having content is not enough; you need to have relevant content. Users today expect websites to have high-quality content that they can relate to or at least addresses their needs. Relevant content will answer the audience’s questions, which will, in turn, improve how they react to you.

Relevant content will also significantly improve retention such that you become memorable because you had exciting content that they were able to interact with. This means that they become more engaged in you and are likely to purchase from you rather than a competitor because your content helped them make an educated purchasing decision. 

Relevant content with keywords and good pictures also goes a long way to improve SEO efforts. An excellent developed content strategy will improve your ranking on a search website.


Lead Capture

Lead capture is a process of saving lead information to try and convert the lead into a paying customer. Lead captures present themselves in Call to Actions (CTAs) and forms such as a newsletter subscription or a request a quote form. 

Lead capture is essential because it is the last step before the conversion. Though you may have personalized features and made all your content relevant, you risk losing it all in you do not pay attention to your lead capture forms and CTAs. These are the things that will earn you a lead.



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